Erdoğanlar Uluslararası Nakliyat

 Our Quality Perception

  • Following the market developments in order to meet manufacturer, exporter and importer’s needs and expectations,

  • Provide fast, secure, innovative and efficient services in international transportation and heavy transportation area,

  • Routing the service type and quality according to our customer's present and possible needs, demands and expectations,

  • By being top level sensitive to customer satisfaction and legal directives, serving in a preferred, secure and fast way,

  • Being so near to our customers that they can reach us,

  • With our sense of leadership and teaming awareness optimizing all processes and activities in respect of productivity and efficiency keeping creating value prior,

  • Using our sources in most effective way, meeting more source demand when needed,

  • Developing creativity and performance by providing employees’ job satisfaction and motivation,

  • Applying the requirements of Quality Management System, providing efficient and continuity of the system,

  • Espousing doing our job on the first time completely and correctly by continuously targeting more perfection and continuously recruiting and developing.