Erdoğanlar Uluslararası Nakliyat

Our Values

Reliability; Our relationship with our employees, customers and other business partners are transparent, long term, lasting and carried on honesty base. We do trust them all and expect them to trust us as well.

Determination; Our company, making Quality service a standard and targeting being the best, always has a main target of nonstop moving with a determined structure. With the power we get from our determined structure, we may always make a difference by doing better than our competitors.

Customer Orientation; The way to protect and develop the present work passes from maximizing the customer satisfaction. In order to enhance this pleasure, the customers’ priorities determine our priorities.

Perfection and Zero Defect; Erdoğanlar has moved one step more forward trough zero defect target with 100% perfect transportation more day by day, by the transportations it had done with 97% no error transportation percentage.

Work Security; Erdoğanlar has always attached priority to Work Security in its services and has done everything required on that way.