Erdoğanlar Uluslararası Nakliyat

 Our Mission &  Our Vision

Our Mission

Always developing our market share and company image by the services we provide, showing our difference.

Our initial target is to follow and use new technologies in transportation market providing the most optimal solutions to our customers creating plus values.

Our Vision

Erdoğanlar is incontestable leader of Heavy Construction Equipment Transportation market in our country. Owing to the high technology transportation equipments and professional transportation team our company is always a spearhead with the solutions it offers. Erdoğanlar has adopted being always one step forward with its services than the customers’ market competitors as a vision.

With the power we gain from our fast and quality understanding and determination to succeed we work to be always the best by doing the best and being a more effective company in international arena.

While travelling through this target, we give much importance to mutual trust, superior business ethic and honest behavior principle in our commercial and social relations.