Erdoğanlar Uluslararası Nakliyat


Erdoğanlar Heavy Transport

Heavy Transport

Erdoğanlar has always been a leader with its experiences in heavy transportations in Turkey in 44 years. It has transported your 80 towers and 90 low-bed fleet as well as your out of gauge tools like Construction equipments, yacht, factory equipments, tendon, heavy transport, reactor, generator, transformer, power distribution units, heavy transportation, oil exploration systems, wind energy facilities, etc. with experience gained by years.


Land Transportation

Logistics gained more importance all around the world day by day. With this cognition our company having a wide net for land transportation too, with our Moscow M4 Road trailer truck garaged office, Rostov office, Crimean Peninsula Simferopol office, Baku office we carry out your land transportations to European, CIS, Middle East and also Turkish republics countries safely.

Erdoğanlar Land Transportation

Erdoğanlar Project Transportation

Project Transportation

We carry out your project transportations at home and abroad in the best reliable way trough calculations and analyzes determining the best equipment for the load according to lashing and HSE conditions.

In all projects logistic needs are determined from the beginning by the studies done before for the required arrangements as well as the transportation methods that are preplanned and whole information flow is accomplished.

With the 44 years experience our firm has done many Project transportations for many Pipe lines, natural gas plant, thermal plants, Hydroelectric plant, barrages, Bridge, Wind Power plant and Underground constructions.


Railway Transportations

With the foreign railway agencies we have agreements with, we offer lower cost opportunities for your machinery and tools in all sizes to be transported in a fast and reliable way to CIS countries and Turkic republics.

Erdoğanlar Railway Transportations

Erdoğanlar Sea Transportation

Sea Transportation

For a fast and low cost transportation Erdoğanlar offers you various multimodal transportation methods with sea transportation as well according to most suitable route for the necessary regions.

Sea, Air, Land, Rail Way alternatives may be required according to load or its destination place as well as timing and cost orientation and so that sometimes more than one transportation model may be essential. On that respect we are ambitious to offer the best suitable methods of transportation solutions for you.


Transit Transportations

We are offering a third country transportation services from Europe to CIS countries, Asia and Middle East and from those countries to Europe with our International agency net.

Erdoğanlar Transit Transportations

Erdoğanlar Crane Services

Crane Services

We offer the most fast and reliable services in all loading and discharging works for our customers with our professional operator stuff in heavy transportation and project transportation area.


Storage Services

Erdoğanlar is storing all kind of machinery and tools of you customers in all sizes in its 13 000 m2 outdoor and 2 000 m2 indoor sites. Besides that in construction equipment storage offers PDI services and saves you optimum time.

Erdoğanlar Storage Services

Erdoğanlar Custom Clearance and Agency Services

Custom Clearance and Agency Services

We offer clearance from all ports of Turkey with our partner customs agencies and we offer you Custom Consultancy services in that subject.


Escort and Road Analyzes Services

With 20 Escort vehicles in our fleet and 5 people in routeing team we are organizing road investigation works in Turkey and all regions of the world and providing your equipments to arrive in the safest way being transported well.

Erdoğanlar Escort and Road Analyzes Services