Erdoğanlar Uluslararası Nakliyat


Dubai Türkiye Arası Taşıma Hizmetleri

Dubai Highway Transportation


We provide highway transportation services and Dubai heavy good transport services to all regions of Dubai with our fleet of 92 vehicles.




Dubai Heavy Transportation

We provide heavy transportation services to all regions of Dubai with our entire vehicle fleet. Dubai Heavy Transport is carried out by our experienced staff with years of experience in Dubai.




Dubai Sea Transportation

We do project transportation and heavy transports to all Dubai ports with Dubai Sea Transportation service and offer multimodal transportation to all regions of Dubai from ports to delivery area.



Dubai Project Transportation

The companies operating in Dubai with their power plants and contracting services have carried out the Dubai project transportation through our company. We carry out Dubai Project Transportations as the most experienced shipper in the region.



Dubai International Shipping

Erdoganlar International Transport offers many different services in Dubai. Some of these services are listed below.

  • Ağır Nakliyat
  • Heavy Transport
  • Project Transportation
  • Highway transportation
  • Sea transportation
  • Railway Transportation
  • Transit Transportation
  • Crane Services
  • Storage Services
  • Customs and Agency Services
  • Escort and Road Analysis Services